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Can I bring my family member in at a later date and collect them at an earlier date than has been booked for respite?
Yes, although you will be charged for the period of respite that has been booked. Respite admissions time is 1.00pm to 1.30pm. Discharge time is 9.30am to 10.00am.

Can my family member administer their own medications?
A resident must have signed permission and a current medication chart from their GP, if they wish to administer their own medications.

Can I use my own pharmacy for my medications?
If our staff are to manage the residents medications, they are to be packed by the Hostel’s pharmacy only.

We use an electronic medication system, and this is linked to this pharmacy.

Can we get the telephone connected in my family member’s room?
Yes the phone can be connected for permanent residents, and this can be done by contacting Telstra. The phone cannot be connected for respite accommodation.

Can residents do their own washing?
Yes, we do have a laundry for residents use.
We do ask if we can manage the residents washing, if they have any continence issues.

What happens if I do not like what is on the menu?
A choice is always offered at breakfast and dinner. If you do not like what is on the menu for lunch that day, please talk to the Chef by 10.00am and they will be able to offer you an alternative.

What furniture do I need to bring to my new room?
We supply your bed and bedside table, so you will need a chair, a television, outdoor furniture. You supply your own bed if you wish but it must be approved first.

If my family member passes away, how long do I have to clear the room?
Due to our long waiting list, we ask if families can clear the rooms within 48 hours. This allows us time to complete any renovations or refurbishments as quickly as possible. We can organise to pack up the resident’s room, and store their belongings, but due to our limited storage space the cost is $500.

What are the visiting hours?
We do not have restricted visiting hours, the entry doors are locked of an evening. There is a call bell at the front door if you are coming in at night, or you can call staff on 4397 1344 and notify them when you will be coming in or returning a
resident. We have to ask all visitors and residents to please sign in and out at the front desk.

Can I visit family overnight?
Residents are entitled to up to 52 overnight absences—i.e., 52 days of social leave—per financial year. This enables residents to spend weekends with their families, without losing their place at the aged care service.

Can I keep my own Doctor?
Yes, you have the right to have the Doctor of your choice. If your Doctor is out of the area and will not visit the hostel, it would be up to you or your family to get you to your appointments.

We do have a list of Doctors who do hold clinics at the hostel. Please let staff know if you would like to discuss this option.

What happens if I need a higher level of care?
We promote aging in place here at the Vietnam Veterans Hostel, and that would mean that you would remain here if your care needs increase.

This would include a family case conference with our CEO and Registered nurses, to ensure your individual care needs are met.

Please feel free to contact staff at the
Vietnam Veterans Hostel if you have any further questions.