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“We don't just
care for you ≈
we care
about you!”

I would like to express both mine and my families' appreciation for the care you gave my
mother Jean over the past 5 years at the Hostel.

Mum moved up from Sydney to be close to some of her family on the coast. Moving into the hostel was life changing as mum had been living on a 4th floor unit and was gettting too hard with her health deteriorating.

When mum came up to the coast on respite we chose the Hostel. Mum loved it that much she
wanted to move in permanently.

The Hostel gave back some of mum's independence which she had lost as she could enjoy the range of activities and bus trips. She was always out “on the bus” doing this and that.

All the staff from management to the cleaner treated my mum and myself with the utmost
respect at all times.

Mum passed away last October, the staff couldn't have treated my family and myself any better.

They understood what I was going through and all my questions were answered without a fuss.

The CEO and other management staff and volunteers came to mums funeral which was
greatly appreciated.

In closing I could not speak highly enough of the Hostel and would recommend it to anyone
looking for a wonderful place to be cared for by professional people.

I have already told the family that when I get to an age where I need care I am going into the Hostel.

Yours faithfully,
Diane Bott